Customer Advantage


At METRO, Product design strength is matched by manufacturing excellence. Skilled teams - carefully recruited and rigorously trained - carry out every operation efficiently. The optimized utilization of resources, materials and knowledge base results in optimum results and advanced machine designs indigenously under one roof. This eventually gives you the advantages and benefits of on-time delivery of quality products, at a competitive price.


In its commitment to maintaining its goodwill and reputation, Metro leaves no stone unturned in providing consistent quality products. To assure best quality, stringent controls are applied at various levels and several stages of the manufacturing process as per the International ISO 9001 Standards.


Innovative Product designs have been the focus of the METRO business. Through stringent research and development and Quality control, METRO consistently produces best Induction furnaces. Its team of trained and skilled technicians are teamed with engineers and experts, to deliver the best productive and qualitative Induction Furnaces. Metro not only offers a wide range of inductions to choose from, but also manufactures customized designs of machines and spares to meet with clients’ requirements.


In a business where reputation is the key factor, business ethics and human values are at the core of Metros philosophy. It has the privilege of a 25-year legacy that is continued and carried forward by the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency that characterize the company’s business policy.


In a period of six years, Metro has earned a reputation of a premier manufacturer of Induction furnaces, renowned for its advance technical designs, impeccable quality and on-time delivery and service.

Metro began its operations by foraying into the ferrous metals melting market like copper, brass, bronze, etc. in India. The further expansion saw Metro reaching out to newer market of Precious Metals segment in India, which was then followed by spreading its horizon over many different countries world over.

Today, Metro has a healthy list of enduring clients, spread in many parts over the world. These include clients from Almost all over India, South Africa, Gulf Countries like Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, South Asian Countries like, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan etc. With its success across the globe, Metro is now exploring opportunities in the part of European countries, Africa, Australia and USA.


At Metro, in addition to offering a wide range of innovative Products and services, we also work hard at building long term relationships with our clients.

This corporate philosophy of ours has been carried forward from our vast experience in the Jewellery Industries and from the goodwill that was established by our Directors.

For us, every Furnace that we set is the foundation stone for a long term relationship. After all, we have to maintain the family tradition of providing our clients with not only superior quality and an unmatched Product range, but we also have to live up to our legacy of building trust.

Along with establishing an excellent track record and our global reach, our clients have the same amount of belief in us that we have for our product and our emphasis on customer care.