Quality Management

Quality First

Metro began with the development and manufacturing a long-lived product that supported heavy industry, we learned that reliability is the most important thing in making products - and we learned just how important it is to uphold the quality of our products. Ever since then, we have believed wholeheartedly that the key to making fine products is reliability; quality assurance has thus become our never-ending goal. As our business has developed - so that our operations and quality of our products, we have become even more conscious of this fact, making the pursuit of quality central to all our corporate activities. "Quality First" is our basic principle in Metro. The quality of our products is assured from the planning and design stage, and our manufacturing and inspection processes eliminate potential defects. We believe that good products result from good work processes, and so our comprehensive quality assurance system is reflected in the standards, processes, and quality assurance reviews we conduct at every stage of our operations, including product planning and design, manufacture, inspection and shipping. The quality assurance activities at Metro are benefited through the mutual sharing of best practices and the process improvement studies we conduct.

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